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Cart washer WWA

To offer our customers one-stop complete solutions, our product portfolio comprises not only classical warewashing but also single- and multi-chamber wash systems.

Designed and manufactured in our Offenburg plant, all our single- and multi-chamber wash systems are truly "made in Germany".

Our single-chamber cart washer has a capacity of up to 15 carts per hour. Depending on the size of the carts to be washed, simultaneous washing of two carts is possible which doubles the capacity of the system.

With this model, all process steps involved in the hygienic cleaning of the carts take place in one single chamber: decontamination, rinsing, drying.

The multi-chamber cart washers, on the contrary, are of modular design: the different process steps (decontamination, rinsing, drying) take place in the respective machine chamber dedicated to this purpose.

The modular system offers tailored solutions and the matching product for every capacity requirement and spatial situation.

Thanks to our many years of know-how and experience in the manufacturing of warewashing equipment, we can even offer you multi-chamber cart washers with up to 5 chambers and a capacity of 40 carts per hour.

The carts can be fed to the machine by hand or automated by means of special conveyors. Thus, HOBART cart washer can also be integrated into AGT (automated goods transport) systems.

HOBART is a member of the Working Group for Bedframe and Carts Decontamination Systems.

This Working Group (AK-BWA) intends to provide a guideline for planning, application, operation and evaluation of a decontamination system.

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